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In a splendid framework, on a terrace at 200 m over the Mediterranean and dominated by the majestic volcano Etna, Taormina is undoubtedly the most famous sicilian seaside resort.
Very frequented in summer, it is a little sicilian Saint Tropez, attracting jet set and tourists.
Therefore, it has nothing in common with the typical villages inland of Sicily. From May to September, multitude is such important it can make the journey unpleasant.

The city kept its beautiful streets and its palates of the Middle Ages, time when it was sometime capital of Byzantine Sicily.
The very beautiful Greek theatre profits of a splendid panorama between the sea and the Etna. Built in the IIIrd centry BC, it was altered by the Romans with disadvantage, with a wall of scene hiding a part of the landscape.

History of Taormina

Naxos was founded by Greeks towards 735 BC, the city lived peacefully before the tyrant Dionysius I of Syracuse, territory extended its territory on this part of the island in - 403.
The inhabitants had to give up Naxos, they made their installation in the vicinity on the Taurus Mount, at 200 m over the sea where Sicels tribes already occupied the place.
Tauromenion thus founded would become later the Taormina one knows today.
It was allied to Rome when they unloaded in the third century BC. Octave seized the city about 200 years later.
With the fall of Rome, Taormina becomes capital of the Byzantine Sicily. It was conquered by the Arabs, destroyed then rebuilt. In 1079, the Normans of Roger d'Hauteville seized the city. Under the reign of this last one, the city knew a long prosperity.
Until the Italian unity, Taormina was occupied by Spanish, French, the Bourbons,…


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