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Sicily / Agrigento / Temples valley

Temples valley in Agrigento



vallée des templesThe site of the temples valley, registered to the world heritage of UNESCO, includes several doric temples and the vestiges of the ancient Greek walls of Akragas, important city of the Large Greece or Magna Grecia, the greek colonies in Mediterranean sea.

In spite of its name, the temples are built on a peak.
From the main entrance, one can reaches two sectors: western with the ruins of the immense temple of Olympian Zeus and the rests of other temples like Dioscuries one. The eastern part is much more interesting with its three temples: the temple of Hercules, the temple of the Concordia and the temple of Hera. The second is the only one which is still intact.





temple of HerculesTemple of Hercules

The oldest temple of the site, antiquated doric style. Eights of its columns were raised.

Read temple of Hercules


temple of ConcordeTemple of the Concorde

The temple of Concorde (Concordia) was built towards 430 BC, it is the best preserved temple of the valley. It was converted into Christian basilica in the VIth AC.

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temple of HeraTemple of Hera

At the end of the peak, the temple of Hera precedes an furnace bridge used for the sacrifices during antiquity.

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temple of Zeus OlympianTemple of Zeus Olympian

This temple would have been the largest doric temple of history if plundering by Carthage didn't stop its construction. The ruins extend on 112x56m, the columns would have had 20m height.

Read temple de Zeus Olympien


photos of Agrigento - temple vallleyPictures from the valley and others temples

See Photos of the Valley Templess


Agrigento paintsImages from the past of Agrigento

See Paints and drawings of the Agrigento temples


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